Ruston Reaches

The Holiday Cottages

The Northern Terrace

Ruston Reaches is a group of eleven cottages, set beside a lake, in East Ruston, a few miles from the coast and close to the heart of the Norfolk Broads.

Each cottage is individually managed by its owner. Some owners let their cottage to holiday makers while others keep theirs for their own use. The site is maintained by a company, controlled by the cottage owners, for the mutual benefit of all who stay at Ruston Reaches.Patio overlooking the lake

Originally developed as a fishing venue it has proved popular with anglers. While holiday makers may continue to take advantage of the fishing, because otters have also taken to fishing in the lake more serious anglers are now recommended to visit the neighbouring St George's Fishery, which can be accessed via the field adjacent to the cottages, and for which anyone staying in one of the cottages has a licence to fish there.As can be imagined, given the presence of otters, there is much wildlife to be found around the lake.

The Location Page has maps showing the position of the village and the individual cottages that form Ruston Reaches.

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